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The following information is only a summary. Full Plan details and rules are available in the Summary Plan Description (SPD).

The Plan provides a comprehensive package of health care benefits to participants and their eligible dependents. In order to qualify, the participant must meet eligibility requirements and pay the applicable premium as described in the following sections. Additional rules may apply to certain benefits.

Earned active eligibility for health coverage under the Plan is established through employment with producers who have signed Collective Bargaining Agreements with SAG‐AFTRA. A notice of qualification is sent once eligibility is achieved, and coverage is extended upon receipt of the appropriate premium payment.

Loss of coverage

You lose coverage if:

  1. You do not continue to meet the minimum earnings or days worked requirements during your designated base earnings period, or
  2. You do not pay your premium by the required payment date.

Generally, your dependent children or spouse lose coverage when you lose coverage or when they cease to be a dependent child, legal spouse, etc. as defined by the Plan.

When you lose coverage, the Plan will send you a notice outlining your available options. If you lose coverage due to failure to pay your premium, you will not be entitled to Plan coverage for the remainder of your current eligibility period, nor will you be eligible for COBRA coverage.


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