SAG-Producers Pension Plan SPD & Benefits

If you move

Keep the Plan Office informed of any change in your mailing or email address to ensure you receive our communications. You may change your mailing address by filing a new Participant Information Form and filing it with the Plan office.  Our contact information is on page 42 of the SPD. You can also contact us through our email form.

The Pension Plan and SAG-AFTRA are two separate entities. You must notify both of these entities separately of any change of address.

If your marital or same-sex domestic partnership status changes

Inform the Plan Office. See the sections on the 50% Joint and Survivor Pension and other options affected by your marital and domestic partnership status. If you are getting a divorce, your former Spouse may be entitled to receive a portion of your pension payments. Under applicable law, the Trustees must comply with any order issued by the state divorce court that is a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO). If you or your attorney have any questions or would like assistance before the QDRO is finalized, please contact the Plan Office. The Plan Office does not give legal advice.

If you are thinking about retirement

Obtain the information you need and file your application as soon as possible ahead of your anticipated retirement date. You will need copies of certain documents such as your birth certificate and marriage certificate or Affidavit of Domestic Partnership. The Plan Office can tell you what you need.

Check your options

There may be special rules in connection with the various forms of pension payment provided by the Plan. If in doubt, contact the Plan Office.

Keep your records

The accuracy and completeness of the records of your work is an important factor in determining eligibility. You can protect yourself by checking the work records you receive. Try to keep pay vouchers, payroll check stubs and other evidence of employment you may receive until you are sure you have been credited for that work. You can periodically request the Social Security Administration to provide you with a detailed wage statement which shows by year of employment the name of your employers and your earnings as noted in their records. This record is very useful for the Plan Office in verifying your Pension Credits.

Designate a beneficiary

For the protection of the person or persons you want to receive the Plan's Death Benefits, be sure that you have submitted in writing a Beneficiary Designation Form to the Plan Office and that you keep this form updated. If your beneficiary should die before you, or for any other reason you want to change your choice, you should promptly inform the Plan Office.

Save this booklet

Put it in a safe place. If you lose your copy you may ask the Plan Office for another. It is also available on the Plans' website: www.sagaftraplans/sag-pension. This Summary Plan Description is periodically updated by the summary of material modifications known as the Take 2 newsletter. Copies of the Summary Plan Description and Take 2 newsletters are also available on the Plan's website.

Additional questions? Ask the Plan or visit the web site

Contact the Plan about any questions you have on the Plan and your rights and benefits under it. You can also check on your Pension Credit and get an estimate of your monthly pension. Remember, only information in writing, signed on behalf of the Board of Trustees may be considered binding on the Trustees, subject to the Plan document.

You may also obtain information regarding the Pension Plan as well as download Plan forms on the Plan's website.