SAG-Producers Pension Plan Forms

All Pension Documents that are completed can be emailed to [email protected].

Application packet

Contains informational materials and the necessary forms to begin receiving your benefits. Please return your completed materials at least two months before your desired pension effective date.  Information on "How to Apply for Benefits."

The only documents required to start your benefit are this Application Packet and the tax form (s) below.

Pension Benefit Tax Withholding

Complete your election for federal tax withholding from your pension payments by filling out your W-4P.

California residents only – If you would like to have state taxes deducted from your monthly benefit, please complete the DE4P (document), otherwise your CA state tax withholding will be default to No Withholding. 

Optional: If you have elected a partial lump sum and wish to be taxed above the required 20% tax rate please fill out the W-4R


Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Sign up for direct deposit to receive your pension payments automatically to your bank account.  Should you choose to have direct deposit and do not have a bank account, you can Sign Up for a debit card through Skylight Financial and provide the account details on the Direct Deposit Authorization Form. 

Designation of Beneficiaries Form

Use this form to designate the beneficiaries of your SAG-Producers Pension Plan benefits in the event of your death. You may choose anyone to be your beneficiary, and you may change your designation(s) at any time prior to commencing your benefit. This form can also be used to update your beneficiary if you elected either the Five- or Ten-Year Certain payment option. This is a confidential legal document, which the participant or legal guardian of the participant must sign. 

Participant Information Form

Please update us every time you change your address, phone number and/or email. This information is shared with the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan. 

Additional information relating to your Pension Application

What is a Partial Lump Sum?

Forms of Pension Payment

Beneficiary Vs. Co-Annuitant 

QDRO Procedures

If your benefit is subject to a Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) or similar court order, please follow these procedures when submitting to the Pension Plan. A sample QDRO is also available for your reference.

Acceptable Proof of Age Documents 

A list of documents/materials that are acceptable for proof of age.

Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments

Information and rules about rollover payments. 

Summary Plan Description (SPD)

The Summary Plan Description (SPD) booklet explains the details and the specific benefits of your Pension Plan in effect as of December 2019. To evaluate circumstances that occurred before December 2019, the provisions of the Plan in effect at that time must be applied, which may be different from today. The Summary Plan Description (SPD) is updated every 3 years.

SPD pension cover