SAG-Producers Pension Plan SPD & Benefits

The date your pension commences is called the Annuity Starting Date or the Effective Date.

Pensions are usually effective on the first day of the month after the completed pension application has been received by the Plan Office. Commencement of payments may be delayed due to administrative processing. However, once payments commence, they will be retroactive to the first of the month following receipt of the application, subject to the retroactive annuity starting date rules outlined below.

Disability Pension payments are effective the first of the month following the date you became totally disabled as determined in the Social Security Disability Award. To assure that your pension benefits will be payable as early as possible, it is advisable to file your pension application with the Plan Office at the same time that you apply for Social Security Disability benefits, and promptly send the notice of entitlement you receive from Social Security to the Plan Office.

The Plan Office is required to provide you with a written notice of all of the optional forms of payment available to you at least 30 days but not more than 180 days immediately preceding your Annuity Starting Date as determined above. In the event this notice is not timely provided, you will be given the option of electing to have your benefits commence retroactive to the original Annuity Starting Date with interest paid from that date to the date the first check is paid to you or to have your benefits commence prospectively with an actuarial increase to account for the
missed payments.