• Where should I send contribution remittance reports and checks?

    Please mail original contributions remittance reports with the contribution checks to:

    SAG-AFTRA Health Plan
    P.O. Box 54867
    Los Angeles, CA 90054-0867

  • How do I pay contributions via wire transfer?

    Please submit to:

    City National Bank (Entertainment Division)
    400 N. Roxbury Dr., 5th Floor, Beverly Hills, CA 90210
    ABA (Routing number): 122016066
    Credit to Account (IBAN): 123591771
    Beneficiary Name: Screen Actors Guild – Producers Pension & SAG-AFTRA Health Plans

    When paying contributions via wire, please email the required Earnings Reporting Form to [email protected].

    If you have any questions, please contact us.

  • What are liquidated damages and interest?

    Liquidated damages and/or interest may be assessed when employers fail to remit contributions when they are due and/or fail to supply the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan with the required information needed to process earnings and contributions. In addition, failure to supply the required information may result in the assessment of liquidated damages in the amount of 10% of the contributions due for each omission. Failure to supply the required information for 60 days or more from the report due date may result in the assessment of liquidated damages in the amount of 20% of the contributions due for each omission.

  • Can we be audited?

    We may audit the records of any employer during normal business hours.

  • What happens if we make contributions on behalf of an ineligible employee?

    Trustees may require the employer and employee to repay the Plans the amount of the benefits paid on behalf of an ineligible employee if an employer reports contributions for an employee who did not render bona fide covered services. 

  • How secure is the Contributions Manager?

    To protect data stored in the Contributions Manager, we have implemented the following technology:  

    1. Secure login/encryption: Users who have registered for an account can only access the application through a secure protocol (HTTPS), which means that all communication between their web browser and the Contributions Manager is encrypted (AES 256-bit).
    2. Firewalls: A firewall prevents unauthorized access to or from our private network. We’ve set up web and network firewalls to block suspicious traffic and prevent common attacks.
    3. Secure servers: We have added several security layers to our web, application, and database servers in order to maintain the integrity of the data processed and stored in the Contributions Manager.
  • How secure is an employer’s bank account information?

    We use a Secure File Transfer Protocol (SFTP) server to send and receive e-check information to and from the bank, which means that the information is encrypted. The folders and files used to store the information that is transferred are hosted on our private network, are also encrypted, and can only be viewed by the Plans’ accounting staff.

  • Where should I send remittances under Commercials/Corporate/Educational & Non-Broadcast agreements that specify an allocation between the SAG-Producers Pension Plan and the AFTRA Retirement fund?

    Please send all remittances to the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan.

  • How are contributions allocated between the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan, the SAG Producers Pension Plan, and/or the AFTRA Retirement Fund?

    Most of the individual Collective Bargaining Agreements specify how contributions are allocated between the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan and the SAG Producers Pension Plan or the AFTRA Retirement Fund. After the SAG and AFTRA Health Plans merged in 2017, the Board of Trustees agreed that if the Collective Bargaining Agreement did not address contribution allocations specifically, but stated that they were to be split between the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan and AFTRA Retirement Fund, then the contribution allocation would default to 49.5% to the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan and 50.5% to the AFTRA Retirement Fund.

  • How should I remit Clip Use?

    Provide SAG-AFTRA Health Plans with the Project title and Signatory of the original clip and the Production date of the current project the original clip is being used in. The project title should be in the following format, CLIP USE OF Title of the original clip IN title of the project the clip is being used in, e.g. CLIP USE OF Singing in the Rain IN Friends Ep 201. In addition, please indicate Clip Usage by checking the Clip Use box on our reporting form. The Clip Use should be paid at the current contribution rate of the project for which the original clip is being used.