Other Television Production Types

The following production types are classified as Other Television Production Types for purposes of reporting to the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan:

  • Allegheny Conference
  • Animation Uptown
  • Fairfax County Agreement
  • KDKA Freelance
  • LA Local
  • Noggin Basic Cable Agreement
  • Ohio Lottery
  • Promo (MTV, HBO, Spike, Comedy Central)
  • Promotional Announcement
  • Public TV (Annual Holiday Programming)
  • Public TV (Sesame Street Workshop)
  • Lawrence Welk Show
  • Sesame Street HBO

When using the Contributions Manager, please select Television-Other as the agreement and identify the appropriate agreement subtype when submitting earnings. Please contact us if your agreement subtype is not listed.

Other Television Contribution Rates and Ceilings

For Other Television productions, contributions and ceilings are based upon the collective bargaining agreement the signatory is signed to. Please refer to the collective bargaining agreement that is in effect for your particular production.