SAG Health

Trustee Statement on the Department of Labor Audit

Dear Participant,

The Department of Labor (DOL) recently concluded an exhaustive, 10-year audit of the Pension and Health Plans’ finances. There are several things you should know: 

The Plans are fiscally sound.

The DOL did not find any issues the Trustees were not aware of or had not already proactively corrected. The DOL did make determinations about certain expenditures with which the Trustees strongly disagreed, but we chose not to contest them. 

Saving Time and Money with Express Scripts Home-Delivery

During the process of merging the SAG and AFTRA Health Plans, the Trustees of both Plans were faced with the challenge of preserving the highest level of coverage for the greatest number of people at the lowest possible cost. In an attempt to achieve those seemingly contradictory goals, the Trustees and staffs of the Plans made an effort to incorporate the best practices from each. Decisions were made with an eye toward high quality, sustainable benefits that preserve the best possible coverage for the greatest number of participants.

Express Scripts Mail Order Service will be Required for Maintenance Medications

The SAG-AFTRA Health Plan, which will use Express Scripts as its prescription drug provider (and Accredo for specialty medications), will require participants and dependents to use home delivery service for their long-term or “maintenance” prescriptions. Examples of long-term medications include prescriptions to manage high blood pressure or cholesterol.