SAG-Producers Pension Plan SPD & Benefits

Plan Document

Restatement of the Pension Plan for the Screen Actors Guild-Producers Pension Fund for Motion Picture Actors including Amendment numbers 1 through 71.

This restatement sets forth the Pension Plan, as amended, for the above named Pension Fund as of January 1, 1976.

Unless the context or subject matter otherwise requires, the following definitions shall govern:

Article I. Definitions
Article II. Participation
Article III. Pension Eligibility And Amounts
Article III-A. Pro Rata Pension
Article IV. 50% Joint and Survivor Pension
Article V. Death Benefit
Article VI. Earnings Credit, Pension Credit And Vesting Service
Article VII. Optional Forms Of Pension
Article VIII. Application, Benefit Payments And Retirement
Article IX. Miscellaneous
Article X. Amendment And Termination