SAG-Producers Pension Plan Forms

All forms

Participant Information Form

Please update us every time you change your address, phone number and/or email. This information is shared with the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan. 

Application packet

Contains informational materials and the necessary forms to begin receiving your benefits. Please return your completed materials at least two months before your desired pension effective date. 

Application guide

A checklist of all the necessary forms and materials to begin receiving your benefits. 

Pension Applicant Information Form

Provide us with essential information in order to begin the retirement process, including your contact information and desired effective date of pension.

Acknowledgement of Return to Work Restrictions Form

Acknowledge work restrictions for retirees who are under the age of 65. 

Acceptable Proof of Age Documents 

A list of documents/materials that are acceptable for proof of age.

Forms of Pension Payment

A list and brief descriptions of the forms of pension payment available under the Plan. For more detailed descriptions, see the Pension Summary Plan Description.

Special Tax Notice Regarding Plan Payments

Information and rules about rollover payments. 

Five-Year and Ten-Year Certain Payment Election Form

Complete this form if you would like to elect a Five-Year Certain or Ten-Year Certain payment.

Joint and Survivor Payment Election Form

Complete this form to elect a Joint and Survivor Option.

50% Joint and Survivor Pension Rejection Form

If you are married and do not elect a 50% Joint and Survivor payment, you and your spouse must complete this form. This form must also be notarized.  

Partial Lump Sum Pension Distribution Form

Elect or reject a direct rollover to an IRA or retirement plan.

Acknowledgements, Certifications and Signature of Record Form

Acknowledge that you understand your pension options and the rules/restriction for your pension. This form also confirms your signature of record and the requirement to submit a signed endorsement letter.

Acknowledgement of Domestic Relations Order

If your benefits are not subject to a QDRO or similar court order, please sign and submit. Read QDRO procedures. A sample QDRO is also available for your reference.

Information Concerning Other Pension Plan Benefits

Submit information concerning benefits that you may be entitled to receive from another defined benefit pension plan.

Pension Benefit Tax Withholding Election

Complete your election for federal tax withholding from your pension payments. California residents may also elect a state tax withholding option. Should you wish to withhold taxes according to the W-4P, you must also complete this form.

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Sign up for direct deposit to receive your pension payments automatically to your checking account. Should you choose to have direct deposit and do not have a bank account, the Plan can create a debit card for you through Skylight Financial. If you have questions, contact us.