SAG-Producers Pension Plan Employers

Electronic File Remittance


SAG-AFTRA Health Plan/SAG-Producers Pension Plan accepts electronic contributions remittance report from signatory and payroll companies, provided that information is submitted in XML format. We will work with the reporting company to test and ensure that the file format is correct and that codes are being used properly. Additionally, we will help set up a secure transmission of the data files. If your company would like to report earnings files electronically, please contact the Contribution Management department to coordinate the process at or 818-973-4472.

Current Acceptable Electronic File Format 

The XML Contribution Reporting Technical Specification document will provide you with the technical aspects for the new file format. This XML Schema Definition (XSD) document will assist you with validating the XML report before sending it to us. Also, this sample XML file can be used as a reference to understand how the file should look.

For companies transitioning from the legacy fixed file format, please contact us if you need assistance to map the fields from the legacy format to the XML format.

Key fields that may require additional explanation are as follows:

  1. Signatory ID – This is the employer code that is assigned by SAG-AFTRA Health Plan/SAG-Producers Pension Plan. This number may be different than the number assigned by SAG-AFTRA. If you are not sure of the signatory employer code, please contact the SAG-AFTRA Health Plan/SAG-Producers Pension Plan Contribution Management department at (818) 973-4472 or
  2. Principal Photography Start Date – This is the earliest date that principal photography commenced. This date will remain the same when reporting session and residuals for a given project. This date will determine the pension and health rate based on the collective bargaining agreement. Some frequently asked questions regarding the Principal Photography Start Date are:
    • Reshoots/Looping/ADR work – Even though this type of work is done after principal photography is completed, these earnings should continue to use the earliest date that principal photography commenced for the project.
    • Episodic TV shows – For each episode, a separate principal photography date should be used and based on the earliest date of principal photography for that particular episode.
    • Clip Use – The producer should use the principal photography date for the new project in which the clip is being used.
    • Renegotiated Rate for Commercials – The producer should use the renegotiated rate date for performers who have renegotiated reuse fees that exceed the maximum period of use for the particular commercial.
  3. Payroll Date – This is the date the performer was paid. When earnings are paid on multiple days for one particular week, it  may be acceptable to designate one date from that week to be used as the payroll date for reporting purposes; however, please contact us to discuss if this is needed.
  4. Social Security Number – The performer's SSN is required on all contributions reporting, including deceased performers. Do not replace the performer’s SSN with the beneficiary's SSN or information. If your company has foreign performers who do not have a SSN, please contact us to discuss how to report these earnings.
  5. Performer First Name/Middle Name/Initial/Last Name – Name of performer for whom earnings are being reported. Please separate First Name/Middle Name/Initial/Last Name into each respective field.
  6. Loan Out Company Data – FID and name of company information relating to the loan-out company. Loan Out Company Data is supplied in addition to the performer's name if loan out company data is available. Payroll houses and producers cannot send loan out company data in lieu of the performer's name information, since we will need to properly credit a performer for pension and health benefits under their SSN, and not to the loan out company.
  7. Amount Subject to Contributions – This is the earnings amount that is subject to applicable contributions. Please note that these earnings may be subject to ceilings based on the collective bargaining agreement.
  8. Credit Reporting – Credit reporting must use the PPE date that matches the original reporting. Please refer to the refund and credit policy. If your company has questions, please contact SAG-AFTRA Health Plan/SAG-Producers Pension Plan to discuss how to code this field properly.

FTP Process Document and Info

SAG-AFTRA Health Plan/SAG-Producers Pension Plan has set up an FTP or SFTP for the transmission of earnings files from a producer/payroll house. The FTP or SFTP process is generally one of the last items to be set up in the electronic file. Please contact us at (818) 973-4472 regarding setup, and we will provide an IT contact to assist you.

Once the FTP or SFTP process is set up, a reporting schedule will be arranged. We require that electronic reporting companies send data files on a particular day of the week. We will advise reporting companies which day files should be submitted. Contribution checks should be sent to us on the same day that the earnings files are transmitted.